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Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) rules on state value-added tax (ICMS) on electric power and telecom services The Brazilian Federal Constitution established that States may assign different ICMS rates depending on the product or service sold.  Nevertheless, it is necessary to observe the selectiveness of such goods and services since[...]


Superior Court of Justice – STJ overturns late payment fine on federal taxation of imports supported by Drawback-Suspension The STJ recently analyzed an appeal filed by a corporate taxpayer that claimed there was a discrepancy in the case law development regarding application of a late payment fine in cases of non-compliance with[...]


The Supreme Court Has Finally Decided the So-Called “Case of the Century” The Supreme Court has finally decided the case that deals with the exclusion of ICMS tax from the PIS and COFINS tax calculation bases. Although a decision had been entered in March of 2017, a motion for clarification was pending. By majority opinion, the Supreme[...]

Brazilian Tax Review – April 2021 14 April 2021

Supreme Court Schedules the Trial of the so-called "Tax Case of the Century" The Supreme Court has scheduled the hearing of a motion for clarification of a decision that deals with the exclusion of the ICMS tax from the PIS and COFINS tax calculation bases for April 29, 2021. In 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that the ICMS tax must be[...]

Brazilian Tax Review – October 2020 21 October 2020

Dutch Government Changes the Classification of Brazilian Interest on Shareholder Equity (“JCP”) According to new directives from the Dutch Government, Interest on Shareholder Equity received by Dutch beneficiaries from Brazilian sources must now be classified as dividends instead of interest. As a consequence, Dutch taxpayers who receive[...]

Brazilian Tax Review – July 2020 1 July 2020

Brazilian Government Grants New Tax Breaks to Mitigate the COVID-19 Crisis Due to the continued state of public emergency in Brazil, the Federal Government has granted several tax breaks to mitigate the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including: Postponement of Social contribution tax (“PIS, Cofins, INSS, CPRB and Funrural”)[...]

Brazilian Tax Review – April 2020 24 April 2020

Brazilian Government Gives Several Tax Breaks to Mitigate the Covid-19 Crisis  Due to the health crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government decreed a state of public calamity in Brazil and most governors and mayors ordered “non-essential activities” to be shut down. In an effort to mitigate the economic effects of[...]

Brazil: Shareholders general meetings for financials’ approval postponed 31 March 2020

On March 30, 2020, the federal government published the Provisional Measure (“Medida Provisória”) nº 931/20 enacting some new rules on the above matter through amendments to the Civil Code, the Corporation law, the regulation of cooperatives among other Brazilian laws. In view of the business activity’s slowdown and the forced[...]

Q&A: The Impact of COVID-19 on Contractual Obligations 27 March 2020

Our Corporate Partners prepared an informative material regarding some impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on contracts. We clarify that the following questions were elaborated in a generic and comprehensive way, considering the Brazilian legal system (Civil Law). Therefore, our understanding may change according on the peculiarity of the practical[...]

Brazilian Tax Review – February 2020 28 February 2020

The Supreme Court Criminalizes the Non-Payment of ICMS Tax The Supreme Court reached a majority decision to criminalize the non-payment of declared ICMS tax. According to the court, since the ICMS is an indirect tax, the seller of goods (who pays the ICMS) is reimbursed the tax amount by transferring the charge to the buyer. Thus, the person[...]